Own a chemical element

on the Blockchain

Alchemical Ethereum Game

It’s great to own a digital kitty, a celebrity, or even a whole country. But is it enough to satisfy your ambitions? Do you want to really make a mark on the world? Are you eager to lay your hands on the very building blocks of creation?

This is your chance to create something truly great. is an open platform for alchemical experiments that is based on the blockchain technology. It is available to anyone and very easy to use.

All the CryptoAlchemy transactions are made in Ether.


Begin by purchasing your own chemical element. Then, when someone buys your Element Smart Contact, you will receive up to double the amount of Ether that you originally invested.

Earn Profit*

Eventually, other players will pay you to use your Element Smart Contracts.

* See P3: Release of the Alchemy Module

Make a Discovery*

Do not stop at owning pure elements: create complex combinations and be the first to discover Penicillin, gunpowder, or, when the time is right, even build an ISS! For every discovery you make, you get a unique Discovery Smart Contract. You can then sell your unique contracts to other players.

* See P3: Release of the Advanced Alchemy Module


How it Works

All chemical elements are visible on the blockchain as Ethereum Smart Contracts. Each element can only be owned by one individual. Remember that all transactions are made in Ether.

To purchase an Element Smart Contract, do the following:
    • Download a digital MetaMask Smart Wallet Google extension.
Learn more about MetaMask here.
    • Purchase Ether and transfer it to your MetaMask wallet.
    • Buy an Element Smart Contract with Ether, using your Metamask wallet.

You can purchase any available element of the periodic table. When you buy an element, you own it, and your ownership will be visible on our table of elements.

If someone wants to buy one of the contracts that you currently own, the buyer needs to pay more than the price of your original purchase. After you sell an element, you lose the ownership of that element, but get back the Ether that you paid for it and make additional profit. Once the transaction is complete, Ether is automatically transferred to your MetaMask wallet.

The price of each Smart Contract grows with each transaction. Keep a watchful eye on your Contracts! Anyone can take them away from you by paying up to double the original price.
Rise in value is hard-coded!
The price increase is hard-coded into the Smart Contract.

The price increase model is as follows:

Price Level Price Range Price Increase Dev Cut
Increase 1 0.001 - 0.02 ETH 100% 15%
Increase 2 0.02 - 0.5 ETH 35% 5%
Increase 3 0.5 - 2.0 ETH 25% 4%
Increase 4 2.0 - 5.0 ETH 17% 3%
Increase 5 5.0+ ETH 15% 2%

For example, if you buy an element for 1 ETH, you get 1 ETH * (100% + 25%) * (100% - 4%) = 1.2 ETH back after someone purchases this element from you. In this example, your profit is 0.20 ETH.

The profit histogram is as follows:




Our goal is to build an outstanding platform for chemical experiments where every player can create new things, real or fantastic. Who knows, maybe someone will end up creating a philosopher's stone? Every day, we work to improve CryptoAlchemy to give you maximum possibilities and the most flawless gameplay possible. We sincerely hope you enjoy it!


P1: Launch MVP goes live. We start off with a minimal UI, and the only action available in this phase is purchasing chemical elements.


P2: UI & UX

Many UI and UX improvements will be made on the basis of the users’ feedback and playtests. Also, in this phase, we are launching Toplists, Pagination, Backend service, and much more.


P3: Release of the Alchemy Module

The first part of the Alchemy Module allows you to compile, collect, and sell simple chemical compounds, such as H2O, O2, NaCl, etc. In this phase, the owners of the chemical elements will get a percentage of each compilation transaction made by other players that uses their element.


P4: Release of the Advanced Alchemy Module

The second part of the Alchemy Module allows you to create more complex and more expensive compounds from the basic molecules. You can be the first to make a discovery (and receive the Discovery Smart Contract), which is saleable and can bring you profit.

This is your chance to create something interesting and become famous all over the blockchain! Let's uncover the secrets of the world of Alchemy!


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